Hi, hello.

Well, I’ve never done anything quite like this before, to start a blog for unknown eyes to see my thoughts and prayers. That’s intimidating.

Man. I think as I’ve considered beginning a blog, I’ve often thought about how sweet it is that the Lord faithfully uses words to convince me of truth. How much I appreciate journaling to Him and how much my heart needs words to process all that He is teaching me. So, I suppose this is the place to do it.
I hope that this truly is an ode to God’s grace, as lavished so deeply and wonderfully upon a screwed up sinner like myself. I hope this is an opportunity to understand His grace deeper and with greater clarity, to not only see His love but trust Him for that, and to see the chronicle of my life unfold in the hands of the God whom I have a friendship with and who has never left my side.


So drink deeply of His grace, friends. There is nothing-nothing, like it.


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