changes and relationships and Jesus, too

Relationships are complicated, and hard, and messy, and awkward.

Sometimes, when you meet people for the first time, you assume right away that you like them or don’t, right? We acknowledge their body language, notice their tone of voice, and look them up and down to determine their style. If we hear the right answers, or they start the right conversations, we like them a lot. We make plans to have dinner with them, we eat some Mexican and chat, and we find out that they’re actually the worst.

I think sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to change our minds, or our preferences. We decide that once we meet someone and decide we like them, we can’t change our minds, and we have dinner on occasion because of some obligation we make up. We liked them before, what’s wrong now?

The reality is that relationships are complicated. It takes awhile to establish if we even like someone, let alone what we like about them. It’s complicated to decide what type of friendship you’ll have, what it will revolve around, and how you’ll pursue it. It’s complicated because not all relationships are created equal, and sometimes they’re not what we anticipate.

It’s complicated because maybe they turn out to be unceasingly rude, or maybe incredibly kind, or incredibly manipulative. People change, we change, and I think that’s okay, even if it makes things harder. Even if it seems to overturn the current status quo, maybe that’s exactly what Jesus uses to pursue our hearts.

Jesus’s friends changed all the time, and the culture around Him did, too. Peter went from a salty fisherman to a faithful friend to the one who betrayed Jesus at the end, and Jesus looked him in the eye and Peter still knew what it meant. Jesus pursued Peter, even to a meal after He rose from the dead.

I think Jesus works in our changing minds to pursue us better, almost like someone finding more ways to love us. I think He isn’t swayed by how complicated we are, or how we complicate everything around us. I think that He falls in love with us daily, even when we push everyone away, or draw them all near.

So let’s change a little, let’s shake things up, and maybe let’s believe Jesus for some crazy things. Because I’m certain that He’ll pursue us anyway, and He isn’t surprised when we decide we like art now, and we want to take up horseback riding, and we struggle with being a little mean.

He’ll pursue us anyway, horseback riding and all.



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  1. True George says:

    hmm…relationships does not have to be complicated.


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