fullest grace upon grace

[Grace]- unmerited favor, here particularly, God’s unmerited favor

Two days ago, my beloved friend Anna published a blog post on the Gospel, the Gospel of grace, which causes her to arise out of bed and move forward each day. Read her post here: https://awordpress22com.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/gospel-for-the-god-forsaken/

Yesterday, I spent some time journaling with God and pondering this little verse in John that I stumbled upon just a day before, “For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace (Jn. 1:16).” As I pondered that truth, and the truth of Jesus’s character, I realized (as I journaled) that ‘this outpouring of grace came from Your fullness [God], and it’s grace upon grace- so there is no shortage or anything missing- it’s full and complete and overwhelming.’ I realized that in this grace from Jesus’s own fullness, we then will never run out of grace. I realized that with a grace so full, freely given away to us, God designed for us to keep gifting it away, because we can never run out. God never designed grace to be isolated, to be held alone by one soul.

No, the God of Grace designed grace to be poured out, offered, received, gifted, spoken, and grasped.

The reason Anna’s post reminded me of what I’d processed just that same day was that the Gospel she speaks of, the Jesus she and I call Home and the Lover of our souls, is of Grace. It is the Gospel of Grace, and He is the God of Grace. It is from His fullness we receive grace upon grace, from His death, resurrection, and ascension, we have life.

God whispers to our sleepy minds and wavering hearts, that yes, there is purpose. That because this is grace upon grace, and can be gifted all the time, with no end, there is purpose in every circumstance.

There is purpose in every circumstance.

If you’re depressed or anxious, or begging, or attention-seeking. If you are living in want, or living in luxury, if you’re lonely or forgotten. If you’re beaten down, or tired, or ready to quit, or maybe ready to begin. There is purpose, my friends.

I’m convinced of this because if all else fails, if we hate our jobs and our friends, there is purpose. Grace provides the purpose our souls need to believe we are here for a reason, and we fight the morning’s grey comfort to arise and give grace.

“We have all received, grace upon grace.” There is purpose in loving our spouses well, fighting to honor them, and seeking to build unity with them. There is purpose in working in retail, exhibiting the grace of kindness, and seeking to offer grace to a boss who shows you no honor or encouragement. There is purpose in pursuing people, there is purpose in offering to make a meal, there is purpose in writing a letter. There is purpose in giving up what you want for the sake of what someone else wants, even if it seems stupid and you know your idea is much better, much smarter.

Oh, beloved family, there is great purpose. Because if we only knew how very richly God has lavished His grace on us- grace upon grace- we wouldn’t withhold it from anyone.

Because of all Jesus is and has done, for our sakes, we are covered in grace. We have real freedom, and real unity with God, and real life. We don’t have to fake anything, we don’t have to feel ashamed of our person or our passions. If we have this much confidence from God, who never ends, let us cling to Him. Let us belong to Him.

Let us do what He does best, and give away grace as freely as He did on the cross.



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  1. annamichal22 says:

    So good dude. Was reading in 1 Peter and stumbled upon this awesome verse about grace: “Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” I was just pondering about how God has and does daily pour out his grace on us, how I will live my whole life experiencing his grace, and when His Son is revealed and I see him, what will I find? More breathtaking, life-giving, loving, securing GRACE. In the grace I am now experiencing I am to be setting my hope completely on the grace that is to come. Our God is so marvelous.


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