For those that are staunchly opposed to all things Christmas prior to the start of December, don’t close your eyes to this post yet.

As I’ve listened to Penny and Sparrow’s new album, entitled “Christmas Songs,” I am reminded now more than any other time of the extreme and incredible sacrifice God made when He sent His Son to Earth. One of the songs on the album is “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” and I love that hymn. I love that it speaks of the simplicity of the night of Christ’s birth, and the steadiness of  the local shepherds. I love that it calls the heralding angels to the stage, that we may know how beautifully God planned and prepared for this moment. 

One line of the hymn says, 

“Mild, He laid His glory by, born that men no more may die.”

And every time I hear that line, I restart the song again just to hear it once more before my commute ends. Mild, He laid His glory by. I think of how Jesus is the Son of God, with every glory and crown and heavenly joy we could think of. I think of how He was present in the Creation of all things, and that Colossians tells us that all things are under Him and He was before all things.

Jesus was royalty in Heaven when His Father sent Him to save men. 

And Jesus always knew that one day, He would have to lay aside His lovely crown and seat with His Father to be born on Earth. And joyfully, He obeyed.

Mild, with no qualms or stubbornness, He laid His glory by. He didn’t object to His Father’s plan for Him to a born as a human baby. He allowed himself to be born of a teenage mother, so that men could be saved. 

Mild:/ adjective

“gentle and not easily provoked”

How kind that Jesus would be so gentle to lay aside His crown, and just as gentle now as He handles us and all of our sin and pain. He has never changed from the gentleness of that moment.

“Born that men no more may die”

Born of men, to save men. Born that we could have a way out, through the birth and eventual death of Jesus. Born that death would become an option, not a mandate. Born that life with God could be be totally accessible to sinners like us.

Mild, gentle, and loving, Jesus knowingly and willingly and joyfully laid His glory aside to be born, scorned, and killed.

Merry Advent, friends. This is our Jesus. And He sacrificed everything to bring us abundant life.


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