Pattins to move

Big news in a small amount of time:

We will be moving to Chicago! Alec and I decided in the fall of 2016 to apply to Moody Bible Institute to attend starting this approaching August. We want to finish our degrees that we began at New Tribes, and hopefully learn some new things along the way. 

Also, some of our best friends live in Chicago, there to attend Moody as well. They attend a really neat church, which we’ve visited and have fallen in love with too. A small church that is relational, intentional, and has great teaching. We hope to join a small group there, and grow in our intimacy with Jesus.

Instead of waiting until the summer to move to Chicago, we would like to move in a month. My husband is at a point where he has hit his limit of living in good old Jackson, and needs the depth of friendship he has with our pals out in Chicago. We are in need of an intentional church and to be geographically better positioned to grow and have our souls watered by the Word.

It’s a lot of change in a short, short amount of time. There are many people we need to say our ‘see ya later’s to. People who have loved us, supported us, and taught us what abundant life is. We are leaving behind a community we have known for 3 and 4 years now, and we believe God is leading us to move on. As it can be comfortable to live just outside of the New Tribes bubble, it will be a challenge to pick up and leave. It will be difficult to leave, to adjust to a new place, to build relationships from scratch. It will be hard. 

But, I am encouraged by something that Alec’s old mentor said. He said that sometimes we forget that the health of our soul is of paramount importance to God, and that sometimes we forget that God’s purpose for us, through hard things, through ministry, is that our souls come out healthier in the process. And we believe that about Chicago. It will be a much different lifestyle than here in Jackson, and will cause us to lean on each other and Jesus more and more. But we must believe that the health of mine and my husband’s souls is incredibly important to God. He designed us to dwell with Him, and a new place and more opportunities to grow will do just that. 

So, it is excitedly that we say we are moving to Chicago come the first of February. We are still waiting on just a few parts to move into place in order to do this. But we are waiting, and we are learning to rest in a time that tempts us to be anxious.

We are praying that we will rest in the Gospel, which communicates love and freedom and and access to God because of Jesus. We are seeking to rest as we prepare for an aggressive few weeks full of packing, goodbyes, and moving. We are wanting to enter into the rest God has provided, and not miss out on it when we need it so badly. 

So that’s us! We are moving soon, and we are in need of prayer as we walk by faith that Chicago is the right move for us. We love you, and we know we are loved by you. Thank you.


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