It’s just like riding a bike


This picture was taken after my husband, and our dear friends Matt and Jill, successfully took me on my very first bike ride here in Chicago. We rode at night, and it was sweet.

I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 12 because I was stubborn as a child. So, I’m not very confident in my cycling skills. I wobble, I can’t stand up while riding, and I am nervous. And to add to the pressure that my insecurities create, riding in a city is terrifying. There are tons of cars, parked and moving, and tons of other cyclists. I have to obey traffic laws, so stopping on a red light, and then being in the front of my chosen lane so as to be seen by the vehicles behind me. Thankfully, Chicago is flat, and I don’t have to worry about many hills.

When my friends convinced me to do this, I felt physically sick. I swore I had a temperature and upset stomach, which seemed valid after having had a 24 hour virus the day before. I felt similarly to how I feel before giving a speech. There’s enough physical evidence that maybe I shouldn’t do this. Maybe I should sit it out. Maybe next time.

I felt as though this small description of my first bike ride here would be a reasonable segway to the rest of this post.

Because like the gut-wrenching fear of doing something new, so has it been to move to this new place.

So, we’ve been in Chicago for almost three weeks now. It’s crazy how fast time can go! And it’s been a whirlwind, from settling in to job hunting and then starting jobs to going to our new church here to making friends to exploring our new home. And some days, it’s been smooth and hardly feels like a transition is still taking place. Other days, I weep and weep that I feel alone, that my new job isn’t the same as my last one, that I’m terrified of how we will make ends meet here.

So to update on what’s going on, I just started a new job at a daycare here in Chicago that is growing out of it’s old system of using two separate buildings for each age group, and into a new place soon. I still work with infants to about age 4, before they start kindergarten. It’s been good, but different. My Little Tree Huggers kiddos will always have a special place in my heart and mind, so now I’m adjusting to a totally new set of kids. And it’s hard.

Alec is in the interview process with a tech company here, and will go in this week to shadow an employee before they make him an offer, to ensure that this is the job for him. We are asking the Lord that Alec will get this job, as we believe that he’ll be great in it, the pay is good, and they will be flexible with his student schedule come August.

We adore our church here. After only three weeks, we feel at home with this community of believers. We can tell that relationships are a huge part of this church, as well as biblical teaching. We love this place, and we always look forward to Sundays. We are super blessed to go there, and to go there with our best friends Matt and Jill. We get to be vulnerable with people, knowing that we will be received in grace and love. It’s been a very exciting part of this new move. We love, love our church. So thank God for that with us! That He provided family here, that we have brothers and sisters in Christ who love us already. We are so thankful.

We still have our pooch, Jasper, and he’s adjusting to this new life too. He’s been a trooper, and we just love him so much.

Although there are moments and days where we’re confused as to what the Lord is doing in terms of providing for us, both financially and in the wellness of our souls, He has been consistent in proving His love. He has kept us afloat, and knows us better than anyone. We’re really thankful that He is in this with us, bound to us forever.

To leave you, this is something our pastor said this last Sunday in light of Psalm 55, where David has been betrayed by a close friend, and how we need to know that even when our greatest fear happens, we are lovely to Jesus:

“You have been loved. You are being loved. And you will ever be loved.”

Jesus is in the transition, the tears, the fear, the uncertainty with us. And He’s ours. I’m teary just thinking about that, because He is so precious, yet bore the cross so He could know the pain and tension we feel.

Thanks for loving us and praying for us! God has supplied for our every need. And He is so kind and gentle in that.


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